Friday, September 19, 2008


OK, Here is the latest in the Forester Clan Adventure.....

We started school. Kent and I are in class most weekdays from 8:30 - 12:30 am.

We are closer to having our school tuition paid. Keep praying for God's provision.

Mekala and Hannah enjoy schooling with our good friends. They get done so much faster now because there aren't two little people to distract us.

Sarah and Emma are at the Church two days a week and we think we have a babysitter for the other two. PTL!!!

I have been writing the preschool curriculum for ACC, for the last three weeks. I really love it!! But it takes away my writing creativity from my blog. I only have three weeks left, and then things will be back to normal. I hope.

Kent started working for Every Tribe again. Here is their link: EveryTribe. The web site isn't completely up to date, but you get the idea. He is totally in his element at this job!

Well I think that is the latest. Emma recovered from her any bites and we haven't seen the ants since. We decorated for fall today. I love this time of year.

Oh, I got an email from Discount School Supply today asking that I add a link to their web site. I talked about the site in my Rainbow Fun blog. But I thought I would add it here for those who read it but might not go back and look it up again. (Yes, I just learned how to add a link, and I am enjoying my new skill.... Thanks Tressa!!)

Ok now I really think that is all. We are going to a park in the morning, I want to take pictures. If I do I will post them up!

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