Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I thoroughly believe that God is preparing us for Africa. He must be. There can be no other explanation!

My darling sweet Emma had had a rough couple of days, I think that we all find that "when it rains it pours". Emma got a summer cold over the weekend, so now six days into it she has the perfect red nose for a Puffs Plus commercial: red, swollen, crusty and runny all at the same time. On Tuesday night right before bed she fell and busted her lip, add that to the perfect nose...... Wed morning she wakes up with her eye swollen and puffy and my first thought is "OH NO it's PINK EYE!" but upon further examination we realized that she had been bitten by an ant. No let me correct that.... several ants. She has a bite on her : finger, arm, three on her back, her ear and her eye. Needless to say I felt like I had a lot of explaining to do when I dropped her off in childcare today! It isn't a pretty picture!

So enters the preparation part. This same ant attack happened to Hannah a few months ago. She woke up one morning complaining that an ant had bit her on the elbow. And just like with Emma, during the day we began to notice more and more little pussy pockets popping up in places! The night after Hannah's attack I was trying to convince her that she would be fine when I was assaulted on my toe.

This morning, just after discovering Emma's wounds I tried to get dressed only to discover that I had ants in my pants. And no I don't mean I couldn't sit still.

Did I mention the fact that we had company last night and as they were sitting on the couch the ants maliciously attacked them, and they don't even live here!!

Oh and we can't forget the bathroom! The girls have a constant stream of ants in the bathroom, and today the ants ambushed the big girls while they were in the shower!

It took us twenty minuets to de-ant the girls bed tonight before we could put them in it! Hopefully nothing will be able to penetrate past the huge barrier of ant poison that we sprayed around the bed.

We are at war. Pray that we can win this battle!

Lord, help us deal with the ant problem! Send them to the kitchen, send them to the bathroom, anywhere but my children's beds!! Please protect them tonight as they sleep. May this prepare us for what ever we might find in Africa!!

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