Monday, September 29, 2008

The rest of last weekend...

So we went to the birthday party and our pictures were wonderful interrupted by Pop. The rest of the afternoon was filled with HOURS of soccer games, and dinner. This is Hannah and her friend Annie. at their daddy's soccer game! Hannah and Annie. get along well and love to play in the dirt every weekend at the soccer games.
This is Annie's little bro Jesse. He and Emma are best friends. He gets up set if she isn't at church when he gets there. He is her protector, and has told people to put her down if they happened to be enjoying a cuddle or two. A & J's other bro is in the back ground, Toby. He is Sarah's age but they don't click right now, he is to "boy" and she is to "girl", I think.

Pop has a wonderfully deep, soothing voice that is pleasant to listen to, so of course the the girls had him read as many books as possible while he was here!

This is the reason for Pop's visit!! Mekala got baptized!!!! We are so proud of her and the decision she has made to follow Jesus all the days of her life! You can't see her well in the picture, so I added the arrow to help point out the top of her head. Kent was able to do the honors and I attempted to pray over her but...... I couldn't really say much through all my sobs.

Thank you Lord for Mekala, for the call you have on her life and the desire she has to love you and serve you all of her life!! Mold her in to the Godly woman that you want her do be. Show her both the strengths and weaknesses that you have given her. May you be glorified in ALL that she does!

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