Monday, September 29, 2008

The Great Out Doors

Now that it is not 100+ degrees out side the girls have taken to riding their bikes again. For Hannah, riding with out training wheels is a new and recent accomplishment. Today they were on a camping adventure. They had their back packs and their blankets and they rode up and down our little street pretending to travel great distances. And when they arrived at their destination aka the back yard, they took out their blankets and laid down to sleep. Too fun!!

Emma's adventure is a little different than that of her sisters...... the little street by our house is on a hill so everyone does more coasting than riding, including Emma.
She starts at the top, then she gets rolling. She has to hold her feet out to the side because they are too short to actually reach the pedals, but in all reality even if she could reach (Sarah can) she wouldn't be able to keep her feet on because it the pedals turn to fast.

She coasts down the hill and where ever she veers off the pavement and into the grass is where she stops. She hasn't learned the art of steering yet, so some rides are a lot longer than others.

After that she picks up her bike and walks it back up the hill. When she is lucky, Sarah will push her up the hill and then they will switch. Or if she is REALLY lucky Mommy will push her up the hill and then she will get to ride again!

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