Friday, September 19, 2008

More Preparation ??

Yes, I know, this is a creepy looking spider. The picture doesn't do justice to how really creepy this spider is! I would try and hold up a quarter or something to show you, if I weren't scared that it would jump out and attack me. Fortunately this guy isn't in our house. He is only on the side of our shed. We checked out several books on spiders at the library today in hopes of learning more about it. So far I know that it is: ugly, yellow and black and it can sew a mean zig-zag stitch!


Tressa said...

YEP!! God is preparing you for the creepy crawlys!!! EEEEKKKK!! That is a nasty looking spider! EEEEEEEEKKKK!!

Chris Troutman said...

i am sooo grossed out by that spider. gag.

kimmy j

the Steele Family said...

I've seen those before!! They live at Kevin's parents' house . . . they call them "Banana Spiders" . . . not sure if that's the proper name or not, but I do know they're so icky!!!!