Friday, April 1, 2011

Computer Saga and life in a 3rdWC

It has been a long time, too long actually, but if you will give me a moment to explain.... I think you will understand why.

Where to begin....  Ahhhh Yes.

Several weeks ago, about 6 I think, my computer got very sick.  It was infected with a virus that I didn't know how to cure.  I was lovingly told by one who shall remain unnamed, that Google was my best friend and I could find the prescription I needed on the net.  So I googled the messages I was getting, followed the Dr.s orders and subsequently killed my laptop!  That is BAD news when you are living in a third world country and you depend on them to communicate with people.

So off to the capital we went, or it went, to see if it could be raised from the dead.  After two weeks it was returned.  It wasn't back to normal, but it was at least working.  The PC guys weren't able to save ANYTHING.... that was somewhat discouraging, but not the end of the world.  My Honey and I started getting to know our "new" laptop.  I started installing my programs and such, and after a while we felt like old friends.

After two weeks or so, we started getting messages that said that we were victims of counterfeit software blah blah blah.  I ignored it at first, but then it took away my cool wallpaper picture and gave me an ugly black desktop.  I was afraid that I would loose more if I didn't fix it.  Maybe I was even a little afraid that it might self-destruct if I didn't click on the "to fix problem click here" button.  SO i did and the problem started all over.

I was faced with the fact that I was going to have to re-do EVERYTHING that I had just REDONE, but there was nothing for it.  SO I got on line with DELL chat operators and they helped me to re-install my legal version of windows.  Needless to say all my time has been spent either without a computer entirely, or nursing the headache I got while trying to restore everything back to it's original state.

Last Saturday, a FIVE days before My Honey was scheduled to leave the country, our neighbors accidentally took out the return power line.  Which means that there were WELL over 220 volts or amps or whatever trying to exit my house.  The result..... a fried power cord for the laptop and a blown fridge.

PRAISE GOD that the computer wasn't connected!! Just the cord was lost.... but what is a laptop with no power???   Fortunately we have friends in town with the a Dell and their cord is like ours.!!  It has felt like one computer issues after another has plagued us for the last two months, and quite frankly it make me not want to come with in ten feet of it.

But I have nothing but high hopes for the future.... if only my hard drive will get enough power to it so that I can re-establish itunes on my "newest" laptop.  If I can get access to my HD I will post some pictures.

** update**
I was successfully able to access my HD and retrieve pictures, so look for more posts to come!


Jenn Speer said...

So glad you're "back"! I've been missing you!

Foresterclan said...

Glad to be back!!! The "schedule" feature sure does help... I can sit and post a weeks worth of stuff and it will actually last a week.... it spreads it out quite nicely!