Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pop, pop, popcorn

This is a brief documentary on how to harvest corn.  And though my children have de-seeded many a corn cob, they have never had the experience of winnowing the seed.  This was a fun family/neighborhood experience.
 The corn in the wheelbarrow waiting to be de-seeded.... or removed.... or gathered....
whatever it is called.
 Inspector #44 checking to make sure everything was ready to go.
 The first batch being winnowed. It is an art that takes LOTS of practice to flip the seeds in the air juuust right, and catch them again, most of the time I flip and the seeds fly!
 Kent taking a turn a the winnowing basket with inspector #11 watching carefully.
 Another angle of the separating of the chaft and the seed.  I was fascinated by the whole process.
 It is beautiful watching the chaft blow away..... it almost looked as if it was snowing!
 Inspector #33 supervising our her fellow employees.  Many hands make for light work.
 The final pour..... filling the trunk one seed at a time.  ;)
 The final product..... a foot locker full of popcorn seed.  Another Yummy snack scored for the Foresters!
Of course when you are finished you let the workers take the cobs home to be used for firewood.

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