Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday BABY!

I absolutely love this man! He is AMAZING!  He loves Jesus, he is crazy about me, he adores his children, he is passionate about discipleship and he wants to see great things happen in our city!
 This is how he looks every couple of days.  He does..... oh 90% of the shopping for me. Going to the crowed, smelly market to bring home tomatoes, onions, carrots, pineapple... whatever the evening meal requires.
 So serious.... that is until he is greeted by one of his princesses!  Then he sheds all of the heaviness and frustration that can sometimes come from being out and about and puts on a HUGE smile!
He is never to busy to stop and encourage a hurt heart, squeeze a little neck, look at a masterpiece, or listen to a new song!  He is an AMAZING MAN OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!

He just spent almost two weeks in India and we realized just how much we need him. We had to do EVERYTHING, and it was hard! What's the saying..... absence makes the heart go fonder.... so true.  Our reunion was SO much fun though.  We splurged and had two nights in a SUPER NICE hotel all by ourselves.  It was amazing.

Happy Birthday BABY!!!  We would be so lost with out you. Thank you for being mold-able and willing to let God shape you into the man that he needs you to be!

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