Saturday, April 2, 2011


As many of you know I am a crafty person.  I really can't stand being idle.  Last March I decided to take up quilting.  The first thing I wanted to make was a quilt for my bed.  I had looked at the few places in the capitol where you can get bed coverings, and there were none that I liked.  March is when rainy season begins and Honey and I found that we were getting a little chilly at night.  I SUPER SWEET friend gave us a blue valour blanket that was the exact color of our walls.... baby blue.  Blue in moderation is fine, but I was on blue over load. 

I started looking on line for blue and brown fabrics to make my first quilt with.  I even had mom look at Walmart.  I found Connecting Threads, a wonderful fabric store on line and started drooling. 

I figured that HAND quilting is one of those things that you can work on whether you have power or not.  And since most of the time there are day with out power it seemed like a perfect fit.  So I started shopping and I ordered enough fabric for at least three projects.  Mom got my fabric and brought it to me in July of last year.  By August I had finished this quilt for Snuggle Bug:

I had made rag quilts for the other girls when Curly was a baby, but SB had never had one so she was first on the list.  This is made from Connecting Threads (CT) "Canning Day". It turned out real cute... only I had to use the wrong batting, cause it was all that I had.

Next came this little project.  I had already cut up the pieces for my bed quilt, but since I was going to  hand quilt for the first time ever, I thought I should practice on some thing small, so I put this together from the scraps of my bed quilt.
It is made from CT's "Aqua Terra" line.  I like it cause it is blue, to match the walls but not too blue.  The browns really help tone the blues down.  The colors remind me of a "Holly Hobbie" rug/wall hanging I had once.  I labeled the back... 
4 - Me  : I made it for me
B1 : That is my initial and the #1 for my first "real" quilt
11-10 : the month and year I finished it
MP-HQ : Machine Pieced and Hand Quilted.

Here is the piece that started it all::

 Notice the nice blue walls???  I would paint them if I could, but I can't!  Oh well!
This quilt was custom designed for my bed.  I don't like bed spreads where all that fabric that wraps around the pillow get bunched up around your face...... so I made it just long enough to go from the top of the bed to just a few inches off the foot of the bed.  I'm thinking about taking some of the extra fabric and making what I call pillow quilts..... a little quilt the same width as the big quilt and wide enough to cover the pillows.  I would like it to look made, but not have the bulk, or extra pillows.  This way I just cover up my pillows..... I think it will work.  I also cut out the foot end corners so that it would fit around the posts on my bed.  Again I don't like bunchy fabric. 

I have to admit, that once I got this crazy blanked sewed together I couldn't think of a pattern to quilt it in.... so I tied it instead.  It was much faster that way!  I finished it at the beginning of march... almost on year after I started dreaming about it!

I am currently working on two projects.... a blue and green batik quilt for Baby Girl, and a red, white and blue throw that I am both hand piecing and hand quilting.   I'll show pictures of those as I get the finished!


Mary said...

I'm impressed. One day I may try it!

Dewayne said...

First of all.....yay Becky!!!!! I love it!!! Great job!! And I am so proud of you for labeling. We have tons of quilts that Dewayne's grandmother and great grandmother made, without labels. So I am religious about making labels now. I am super excited for you and your budding new hobby!

Second of that you Mary Eaton? All this time I have been your "dorky quilting friend" and NOW you admit you may try it?? Just you wait, I will suck you into the vortex of my nerdy sewing world!!!!