Friday, April 8, 2011


I just spent the last hour or so looking at old blog posts and rolling up the "site counter". My first blog was in 2008 when SB wasn't even ONE!  I laughed so much I cried at times... remembering the funny thing my girls used to do and say. It was like looking at my scrapbooks....  which I don't make any more....... I miss those days.

BUT I love the season we are in too!  Independence!  With a capital I.  I have two girls that are big enough, and enjoy helping, so they make lunch most school days.  Two others that play most of the afternoon.... I hardly see them except when they are asking for a snack or if they can watch a movie.  They each have a chore or two that they do to do around the house.  BG feeds the chickens, Sweet Pea cleans off the table after breakfast, the other too gather the dirty clothes on laundry day. They all help fold the clothes when they are dry. Also, I pair one little one up with one big one and showers are taken care of.

They ALL love helping with Becky Ann. They take turns lugging her around trying desperately to be the one that will make her laugh, or clap her hands.  They want to feed her too.  The only time they are willing to give her up is when they have school work to do, or she has a wet nappy(aka diaper).

We truly are blessed with wonderful girls!  So giving and loving.  Reading over some of my old blog posts  reminded of me of how truly blessed I am.

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