Friday, February 5, 2010


We have been in the capital for the past two nights. A lot has happened since we arrived.

We got our van... it came to our home city to pick us up and then the next morning my Honeydrove us to the Capital. Our friend (Van Guy) was amazed that Kent wanted to drive right off the bat... "You are jummping in with both feet and you are going to make it!" We are trying to tackle as much of this as we can on our own... simply so that we can learn. That was how we learned how to get around Waco... we had friends that got us lost on purpose so that we would HAVE to start figuring it out!

We made it to the capital with no major accidents (or minor ones for that matter). However once we arrived at Van Guys house, we had a slight hiccup. Van Guy's yard is really cool.... after a long car ride it was great for the kids to get out, jump on the trampoline, and swing on this AMAZINGLY cool swing. After every one got hot and sweaty, we were sitting around while the workers looked at one of the windows on our van. Van Guy has two dogs, both big and powerful and meant to scare intruders, we will start looking for that exact kind of dog once we get settled.

Rusty was very lovable... he would lean up against you, push under my legs, nudge your hand for more loving, and simply enjoy your attention. Baby Girl, knowing that we was lovable, reached down to give him a hug around the neck. This startled him and he whipped his head around and bit her. GOD was SO good in that fact that Rusty could have taken part of her face off, again he is a very powerful dog and his tooth could have scraped her eye instead of just under it. The whole incident shook us all up more than anything. You can hardly see it now, it is more of a bruise than anything else. I would have taken a picture for the blog.... she even asked if I was going to, but I left my camera at home.

We stayed the night at the ARA... and American hotel, complete with fajitas!! We will be eating there on a regular basis when we are in the capital. The beds were AMAZINGLY soft after sleeping on a broken bed with a foam mattress. We had a great night.

The next day we started our furniture shopping! We had looked and priced several places, trying to learn what is cheaper in the capital and what is cheaper in our home city. We had already talked to a few guys about our school room stuff. It is a crazy site seeing a mass (6-8) of men swarming you trying to get you to buy from them. There are several furniture outfits along one road... all the furniture looks extremely similar, but as you get closer you can see subtle differences: better varnish and finishing, nuts and bolts instead of nails... So we picked out 4 desks and four chairs and two book shelves, a large one for school books and a small one for the living room and we shoved the whole lot into our van!

The furniture guys didn't think that they would fit.... but they did! ALL of it! We bought a big van with an extended top and extended rear end and took the last two rows of seats out while we were in our home city.... we have room for DAYS! (we have room to pick up large teams and families..... start planning!) We also ordered our dressers and our beds that same day, we will pick them up on Tuesday!

Things are slowly coming together.... We stayed in a different guest house last night the MAF guest house. The girls and I have had a peaceful day here while Honey is out collecting appliances. We have enjoyed a cool breeze and cloudy weather, I think there is some sort of "mountain" range that keeps the cool weather that is in the capital from reaching our home city. It has been very nice, the girls have been playing outside in the compound, making things out of the plants and imagining that they are princesses!! WHAT FUN!! I have read more books during these last few weeks.... I am starting to loose track! I will be ready for what ever lies ahead once we are in our house!

THANK YOU JESUS for rest and relaxation! You see to our every need!!

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