Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have reached a point were I am trying to find humor in the negative... sometimes it is more cynical than I might want to be, but funny none the less.

For instance... there is a nice gentleman who has been trying to help us find a home. He must also be a ferry busy gentleman, as well, because he will say, "I'll be there at 2:30" then at 3:30 call and say he will be there in 15 min. thirty minutes later he will finally arrive, but only have a few minuets to give us, so we haven't really had anytime to see much. Kent has heard him tell others that he will be there in 15 min as well, like it is a standard response, something similar to "in a minuet" in the states. So now we laughingly (most of the time) add several hours to what ever time he says and have begun looking for other resources to help us learn the town.

Another example might be dinner... we knew that there would be a lot of rice in Uganda, we assumed that there would be a lot of beans too. We LIKE beans and rice and were looking forward to eating it. We were NOT prepared for noodles. We have rice and noodles with EVERY meal that they cook for us. Usually they will serve some kind of protein as well, chicken (with bones) beef and pork (with bones) goat (with bones) OR eggs. Most every thing is delicious, if you can get past all the bones. They will also serve a veggie too, usually some type of cooked green or cabbage. Once we even had Motoki - which is a type of banana that they cook.

So at dinner we laughingly as one another.... "Noodles and rice, or rice and noodles?"

Still another humorous out look.... I have 4 girls, that is 8 arms and 8 legs and 4 beautiful faces. I bet that if I counted there would be 30 - 35 mosquito bites on all of them combined. Not bad... until you realize that 20+ of those are on Curly's right arm/hand. I jokingly say that her arm was an all you can eat blood buffet for the mosquitoes. Poor thing, she really doesn't react very well to them either. They don't come up as little, itchy, red bumps, they are huge and swollen so bad that they are yellow almost. I'm afraid we are going to use all of our hydrocortizone and After Bite on her arm in the first week we are here!

So that is going to be on grandmas "to send" list.... anything that will repel mosquitoes. I think we will be willing to try ANYTHING!! I have seen bracelets, patches and a whole gamut of other products, and we are willing to try them ALL. I think what makes the bites so mysterious... is that Curly and Sweet Pea were sharing a bed, and a mosquito net: one was barely touched, the other was nearly eaten alive! I've taken pictures.... just to prove to you that I am NOT exaggerating.... but it may still be a while before I get them posted.... some of the stuff I need is packed in ONE if the FOURTEEN trunks stacked in our living room!

OH well.... this frustrating phase of the adjusting will hopefully soon be over.... and we can go where ever we want, when ever we want, we can cook what ever we want, how ever we want, I can use what ever towel I want to wash, or dry or bathe. God has been faithful to give us the grace needed for each day, every day!

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Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

we use the plug-in mosquito repellent and it works well. coils too.