Monday, February 15, 2010

Our home is a nice large three bedroom home, located in the senior quarters, where the English first settled how ever many years ago. There is one giant bathroom.... and two closet type bathrooms... one holds the shower and the other has the potty. Both "closets" have a small sink as well. I'm glad that it doesn't get cold here... or else I would NOT agree to having a giant bathroom!!This is our porch. The floor is covered in a tile that is supposed to resemble rocks... it is kinda coo looking. We have traditional African porch furniture (on the right) and the third seat to the van (on the left) as seating options. We really enjoy the mornings... it is very cool and pretty at that time of day!
This is a view of the girls room. We decided to put them all in the Master so that we could use the other room for school. They each have their own double poster bed, complete with mosquito netting! Plenty of room for them to double up when we have company (HINT HINT) They have spent the last three weeks sharing twin beds, so to have a double all to themselves.... WOW!
This is a shot from the corner of the living room into the dining room.... we got an extremely small dining table with the idea that we will have a custom one built in a few months. We have 2- two seater couches that go with the chair that you see in the picture. They look funny in such a large area.... but we will fill in with more stuff (plant and thinks) sooner or later.
This is part of the school room... I had a hard time getting to zoom far enough our on my camera to really get a good shot of all the different rooms...... Each girl gets their own desk. I know we are probably spoiling them now.... but they were super cheep, and I was really tired "quit shaking the table" and "get you stuff of my side" and other such sibling phrases... so really it is Mommy that is getting spoiled here :)
Another shot of the school room... Love the giant book shelf it holds EVERYTHING and the spaces are large enough that all my tall books can be shelved the right way, and not on their sides anymore!! Woo Hoo!
This it the 10' tall fence that surrounds our "compound". No we are not living like David what's his name.... that is what they all homes that have a fence with barbed wire around them. There is a metal security gate, and a little "shack" for a guard too, if we want to hire one to be our watchman.

Honey's favorite feature is the sleeping/storage compartment up on top! It is a great place to but extra luggage when picking up friends from the airport (HINT HINT). It can hold nine comfortably, but more could squish if need be. It hauled all FIVE of our beds (solid wood beds) back from the capital. We are going to go camping in it soon. There is and awesome place near here where you can go camping... that would be so cool!!


Tressa said...

SO AWESOME!! I love the new house! It seems perfect! Every corner of it!! I am sooooooo excited for you guys!

The school room looks amazing! I can tell LOTS of learning is gonna be happening in that room!!

And the van, it is SWEET! I wouldn't mind having one like that here in Waco. What brand is it?

Got the HINT we will be there next weekend ok? :)

Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

glad to see your house. looks like you are finding ways to make it special and homey.

Terisa said...

This rocks!!! I love it!!! so nice and perfect for you!!! It was worth the wait.

The E's said...

Wow Becky the house is beautiful! I really really love the girls'beds! Maybe we'll get to see it in person in a few months :)

Lori E. said...

Becky, I love your house and love that you are on an adventure and being God's hands and feet. I can't wait to read all about it. So glad you have a blog. Praying for you and your precious family.