Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Timely rain

In order for this post to really hit home I have to back up a few days (even weeks) and really make myself vulnerable

Our Home City is hot and dry right now..... dry to the point of rationing water. If you are not careful, you might run out. We have before and it is not fun!! Dry season usually lasts until March. In the midst of heat and dryness I keep remembering a question that was asked of me before we moved... "When it is hot and dusty and you miss home.... will you still know that you know this is were God called you?"

I know that I know.... but some times I wonder about the passion I have about it. I have been reading "Through the Gates of Splendor" by Elizabeth Elliot, and I am convicted by the passion of these men. The book is full of quotes from their diaries that will cause you to rethink your calling and commitment. This morning I was reflecting on my passion, and really felt like I came up short.

I was listening to "Barren Land" by Shane & Shane.... and felt my heart crying out for the presence of the Lord to rain down on me. I want to be full, over flowing, producing fruit.... .but until it starts raining there won't be much to see.

Fast forward a little.... Kent came home with all his market finds this afternoon. We were in need of a trash can, and a few plastic basins as well as another fan. We have needed these items for a while... but we haven't had the time to go and hunt them down until today. He also brought home, different fruits and veggies that needed to be washed and sterilized.

Beginning dinner preparations, I made a startling discovery. We were out of water. There was nothing left in our reserve tank. I wasn't sure what we were going to do. Last time we ran our of water, we were staying in a Guest House, and they were kind and brought us full jerry cans so we could at least wash dishes, bodies, and maybe flush once or twice.

While pondering the problem large, dark clouds began moving in. We were amazed, really in AWE of the timing. WE took the new trash can out side, along with the new basins and prepared them as rain catchers. Then we started looking around for anything else that might hold water.

My pots, bowls and Tupperware all made the final selection. At first we weren't sure if it would actually rain. The clouds looked like they might pass us by, but then the heavens opened up and water started pouring!!

As little pots and bowls would fill up, the girls would pour them into the jerry cans and basins. We had an awesome water collecting brigade going. It was raining so hard that it only took a few moments for each of the buckets to fill up. We needed more buckets, something else to hold water, but all my cabinets were empty. "Lord... give me creativity! What can we use??"

TRUNKS! Sitting in the corner of the dining room there were four empty trunks!! I couldn't believe it. I grabbed two and headed out side, threw them open, then headed back in for the other two. We are cooking, and filtering rainwater now. Before, we had nothing yet we never went without!! God is truly amazing!!

After all the excitement was over, and I was thanking Jesus for the inspiration, He reminded me of my plea for him to rain on me!! WOW!!! How humbling. It isn't really supposed to rain for another few weeks... God gave us a Miracle!



Anonymous said...

In our prayers today, we asked the Holy Spirit to show you guys how to totally lean upon Him for everything. WOW and 3 Amens!

HE knew exactly what you needed!

God continue to Bless and show them your path. Amen.

Tressa said...

How totally awesome was that???? I have faith the Lord will give me just what I need today too. Thanks for sharing!

lwillits said...

Hello Becky I am so glad I saw your blog and hope all is well I read all of it and it sounds like you are settling in well I am sure the girls kinda stand out next to the african kids due to their blond hair.. is baby girl Baby...

Regina said...

Oh Becky! Thank you for sharing that. God's timing is so amazing and is completely perfect!!!!!!

Brittany said...

Venega, Venega, Come on, come on. Lets do this. I am encouraged now and ready for more, hungering and thirsting for more. Thank you for going and calling me to lay my life down and that He will be faithful to give it back with LIFE. I love ya'll.