Sunday, February 7, 2010


Favor.... My husband seems to have it where ever he goes.... many of you can testify to that!

So when we arrived in here, we met a sweet young lady (22) who is here for 8 months working in our home city.... she was on both flights that we had, and we didn't really meet her until we landed and Honey helped her get her luggage out to the car. We have since met her coworker as well and are quickly establishing a great relationship with both young women!! Thank you Jesus for giving me friends!! That is a huge answer to prayer.

These ladies, Ms. Ashley and Ms Chrissy are here with us in the capital, and we are really enjoying their company, and so are the girls! It is great... when we go out and are walking on the streets, there is an adult for each child! AWESOME!

Saturday morning was our big shopping day where we went to several stores and bought all the stuff that we need, but wouldn't fit in our trunks. Mops, brooms, dishes, pillows, fans, emergency lights, hand soap.... you get the idea. Before we left on our excursion, Honey prayed and asked God for favor, he asked for opportunities to share and be a blessing.

You will never believe what happened next.........

GOD answered!

Didn't see that one coming did ya! First stop was coffee beans. Not top in my priority list, but Honey wanted/needed it so we began the hunt. The first store that we were looking for, was non existent, so we had to go with option B. Honey and Ms. Chrissy went in to get the beans... the rest of us waited in the car. We waited and waited and waited.... and had reached "that point" when they returned with the an answer to prayer.

While in the store they asked a VERY pregnant woman if they could pray for her, and when others saw what was going on they started to get in line. Even the employees, left customers waiting, so that they could receive prayer! In the end it was worth the wait! God allowed us to be a blessing!

Later, Honey had his first fender bender. Now usually in Uganda, when you get into a minor accident like the one we had..... most Ugandans are going to get all that they can out of you... especially if you are white. However the gentleman that we "ran into" is a professor at the university, and was very kind. VERY kind. He wasn't angry and was totally understanding. They exchanged numbers and information... when Honey called him later, the professor told him that the estimate he got on having the car repaired was $90. That is it... $90. Thank you LORD for allowing us to back into a gracious honest man!!

While we have been here getting established, we have been attending the Wototo church. They have the main church here in the Capital, but they also have several church plants as well, one of them being in our home city. They have a very similar vision for what we want to do, and why we moved here in the first place. During all of our training we have been encouraged to work with others that are doing what we want to do.... no reason to re-invent the wheel, so to speak.

The service last week, while we were in our home city, was dead on as far as what we want to see happen in Gulu..... the pastor even gave numbers.... if 20 of us reach just 1 person this year, and next year 40 just reach one person.... They see it, they are right on the edge and it is so exciting!

I say all this to say that while we were out buying all our household goods.... Honey saw the head pastor of the Wototo church! We wasn't going to say anything, but he prayed real quick and felt like he should... and the pastor was very encouraging, suggested that we visit with the pastor in our home city and said that they want to partner with anyone that is expanding the Kingdom! YEA!!! Sometimes this almost seems too easy..... PLEASE PRAY that it stays easy!

I am sure there are other stories... like Honey getting "pulled over" for running a red light on Friday. The police literally blow a whistle and point a finger and you have to pull over. No cars, no lights, nothing but their finger! Anyway.... Honey unknowingly ran a red light, and the officer was very gracious and let him off with out a ticket....

That was Friday, today (Sunday) he got pulled over, at the same intersection, by the same officer. Saturday, Honey begged the man not to give him a ticket.... He asked him for mercy, and he didn't understand, but when we asked for grace.... he knew what Honey needed. Today, he wasn't feeling so gracious..... Honey was ready to pay the ticket... but was really confused as to why that intersection is the ONLY one where the law is enforced, so he asked the officer, who's name we later discovered is James. Officer James couldn't really give and explanation. Kent asked and asked for him to explain why the motorcycle he had been following was allowed to run the red light, but he couldn't, or why Officer James let several other cars run the light before he pulled over the truck (while he was talking to Honey).

Finally, he let us go... maybe it was because he couldn't explain and felt guilty, maybe it was because Honey was willing to pay the ticket and not bribe him out of it.... who knows, but God gave us an out, again!

God has been so good.... giving us friends, helping us meet key people, protecting us from people with evil intentions.... and all the while teaching us how to depend on Him for all of our needs, big and little, from local banks to coffee beans... he has open doors for us!


Anonymous said...

God is GOOD ...Amen to that one.
We believe HE sent you there and HE will guide and protect you. But it might be a good idea to be extra cautious at those intersections. What a learning experience my dears. God Bless....keep your eyes open.

Brooke said...

WOW! This is so fun to read Becky! What an adventure God has you on! It is obvious His hand is covering your every move. We pray for you guys! I would love to send y'all care packages of whatever you, snacks the girls are missing, etc... You say the word and I'll send it!