Monday, July 6, 2009

4th weekend

June has flown by and I feel like July will be gone before I finish this Post!

We moved in and had a week in the house with the girls, and then they headed off to OK to spend time with Gram. Kent and I spent the week getting ready to start support raising. :)

We went and got the girls after our week of bliss (and theirs too) was over and headed to Lubbock to see family and friends. After staying for over two weeks, and probably over staying our welcome ;P we headed back to Waco, for a whopping 48 hours before we headed to Houston for some more Family time!
While there we were able to go to the Houston Space Center...... I would totally recommend it, just not on a MAJOR holiday weekend and not during the STAR WARS special Jedi Training day!


Here is were I take a moment to brag on my WONDERFUL sister-in-love. SHE works at NASA in Mission Control on the console for the Space Station. (You know... those cool people that sit behind all those nifty gadgets and say stuff like "space station one, come in space station one..." on the movies, only it is not that cheezy!

YES she is AMAZING!!

So we also spent time at the pool, cooking and eating AWESOME food. We took family pictures at a cool park on our way to see the fireworks.
My AWESOME little Bro. took us to his office building, so we had a bird's eye view of the fireworks display and we had the comfort of AC and cushy office chairs. We had LOADS of fun playing around with glow sticks as well.

Sunday was my Dad's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! - That morning the girls and I took Kent to the "drop off" point for his BIG 600 mile ride (More on that in the next few posts). That evening for Dad's gift, Mom and Bro took us to the nicest restaurant I have EVER been to, while sister-in-love stayed back with the girls.

To Finish off the weekend, we stopped at the BLUE BELL factory on the way home, took the tour and sampled the ice cream. (I can't wait to try the new flavor.... Nutty Chocolate YUMMY)

ALL in ALL it was a GREAT weekend!! Next post.... details on the "big ride"


Angie said...

Jedi Training Day? Excellent! Matt's going to be WAY disappointed to have missed that :( Send Kent best wishes from us on his bike ride!!

Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

glad to catch up a bit with you all...

Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

we'll be based in Belton - between Waco and Austin _ for the next year - maybe we can get together. we'd love to hear how God is leading you into overseas missions....

sarah m said...

Sounds like a great 4th! CUTE pictures...I can't believe how grown-up the girls are getting!! And oh my goodness...what is Kent up to now?! Can't wait to hear about it!! :)

Diane said...

it was so fun to have you guys come visit! Thanks for your sweet words. The picture from the park turned out wonderfully--I can't wait to see the rest! We will be praying for Kent's ride and continuing to pray for God's provision for you all!
Blessings & love to you all!