Thursday, July 9, 2009

the BIG ride {day 3} & {day 4}

Ok I think the guys are getting tired. Cause I haven't recieved any pictures lately, but I thought I would at least give you the low down on their course.

Opelousas > Krotz Springs > N. E. Baton Rouge > Denham Springs > Hammond
DAY total = 106 miles
TRIP total = 277

Day 4
Hammond > Covington > Slidell, LA > Gulf Port, MS > Biloxi, MS
DAY total = 95
TRIP total = 372
On the ride from Covington to Slidell they took the Tammany Trail. An old rail road track had been removed and the path was paved over, it was a nice smooth ride.
Normally they average 15-18 miles per hour, there was one point on their ride that they were riding 20-24 mph with the wind was at their back!
All of my "day" information that comes from the spread sheet that Coach gave me before they left. Some of their exact routes may have changed. I don't get a town by town from Kent, just the final destination each night.
Kent can check the blog comments while out on the road.... so let him hear you cheering!!
He's over half way there!!

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Rob Havens said...

Go Kent Go!! You da Man! Your just like Forrest Gump on a bike! Go Kent! Be safe! Lance Armstrong's got nothing on you. Enjoy your flight home if you don't decide to ride back....Rob