Monday, June 8, 2009

Prayer Calendar

As Kent and I are preparing for overseas missions, one of the most important things that we want is a prayer team. We are looking for 30 people to pray one day a month (for example every 5th: Jan 5th, Feb 5th, March 6th). And we want one person a day fasting as well.

Our desire is that we become a family with our prayer warriors, we are praying for each person, specifically the same day that they are praying for us. If has been really neat so far, and we are looking forward to growing this team as our departure date gets near.

That being said..... I was finding it hard to keep track of who was on what day and all that, so I came up with this book idea. (I firmly believe it was from the Holy Spirit)
For everyday there are two 4x6 note cards. Each day has 5 prayer parts. 1 Prayer: the individual or family that is committed to praying for us that day. 2. Family: I are praying for everyone in our family one day a month. 3. Girls: Our church recently put out a list of things to pray over your children, I put one thing on each day. SOOOOOO helpful.

4. Fasting: The people who are fasting on our behalf. 5: Globe (Cause Missionary was too long ;) Where we have all of our friends that we went through training with listed. I put all these cards unto a photo album, and wall-ah a new prayer book!

I know that praying for someone one day month doesn't seem like much, but I can GUARANTEE that using our new book has helped me pray more consistently. I would much rather commit to once an month and mean it, than say I'll pray and it never happens!

If you are haven't chosen a day yet and would like to, email me and let me know. I would love to add you to my book! At the bottom of my blog is a calendar that shows the days that are open.


Anonymous said...

Put Gram & Pop down for each Saturday morning......since we are getting close to the "old timer's " stage of life and it's getting harder to remenber from one day to the will probably be the same prayer each week. We know the Lord has a sense of humor!!!!!

Hartsock family blog said...

Awesome idea. May have to steal that one for the Hartsock's. WE would love to be on the calendar to pray for you guys. HOw can I find out which days are still open? Blessings! Kourt

The Speer Family said...

We can take the 13th if that is still open. Let me know.
Love you,

Meldrum Fam said...

hey we are on your blog! hooray! thanks for pr.ying for us. we just pulled your picture card yesterday and pr.yed for you guys too! love ya.

sarah m said...

This is such a neat idea, Becky! And it's super cute! You're so creative. :)