Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the BIG ride {day 2}

Lake Charles > Jennings > Crowley > Branch > Opelousas
DAY total = 92
TRIP total = 171

Today's trip was fun, but not as scary and eventful as the day before. They were on the bike for 5.5 hours, but the total time it took to get from point A to point B - 8+ hours.They met a rice farmer (twice) and he showed them his farms. They also met a number of other interesting people. However since Tue ride is longer, I think they are going to try and limit the number and length of visits that Kent, I mean, they have.I'm sure there are several of you that are wondering what in the world would possess three mature, adult men to try such a crazy stunt....... well I'm not sure, other then the bragging rights to say that they did.
The idea started last summer, after Kent and Coach, seen in these picture wearing the yellow, rode in the "Hotter than Hell" 100 mile race. Coach's wife's family was having their family reunion in Panama City, FL this year, so they decided that it would be fun to RIDE their bikes to FL the week before the reunion. AND so....... the BIG ride was born.

They have mapped and planned and thought through this trip for months. We weren't sure if Kent would be able to go, due to lack of funding.... but GOD who is ever faithful, once again provided for our family enough $ so that he could go.

Oh and BTW - no they are NOT riding back..... Kent flies home on Saturday night!


Anonymous said...

Thank you sweetheart for keeping us posted. The pictures are great!

Gram & Pop

Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

in July we will be coming back to the states for a year...we'll be based in Belton. You'll be in Waco will Jan, right?

Tressa said...

Braggin rights. that is the only reason. what other reason do you need?

-joel on Tressa's computer thingy