Friday, July 10, 2009

the BIG ride {day?}

Ok I must admit that I am getting a little confused on who is where and what beach and/or bridge came first and when they crossed what and where they stayed each night. So here in no particular order it some random pictures that I snagged off Steve's FB album.Getting ready to cross a bridge.
(I don't know why this particular picture is so small)
In the bike shop, getting more tubes. Apparently they have had MULTIPLE flats each!

The first major injury on the trip. And from what I understand he wasn't
on the bike when it happened.
Flat #2...... soon followed by flat #3 and #4
Cruzin' in the bike lane.
The Tammany Trail
Park rangers for the Tammany Trail.

Bachi Ball on the BEACH!

Well I don't know what they did yesterday (Thursday) but I know that today was an easy day (only 60+ miles) and tomorrow will be the same. Kent will be home, safe and sound, tomorrow - I mean, EARLY Sunday morning. His plane doesn't even get in until 10:30pm tomorrow. It will be after midnight before we get back to the house!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the ride!!!!

Glad you guys had a wonderful and memorable trip!

God Bless

Mom & Dad

sarah m said...

Wow, they're moving right along! I love the picture of them on the bikes. :) Hope he made it home okay!