Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Take a COLD shower....

OK Now I am not one to usually resort to things of this nature, but I have reached the end of my potty training rope. The light at the end of the tunnel is WAY to bright for me to slow down and wait.

E has gone.... um ..... #2 ;) in the potty, several times unassisted. So when she started "going" in her panties I got really frustrated. I can't tell you the number of times I had to change her panties this last week because she wouldn't go in the potty.

Now if I knew that she was still learning how to "listen to her body" I would have A LOT more grace.... BUT we have been working on this since August as you can see in this post dated on the 29th. So I pulled out the COLD shower trick.

I had a friend that had to resort to it with her potty trainee, and I think it worked. This weekend after the 100th poopy panty change I said "next time you poop in your panties you will get a cold shower."

So the next day when we were at home and she pooped in her panties...... She got a cold shower.

The next few times she remembered and took the time to got and sit to take care of business. When her "deposit" had been made in the proper location, she came out and proudly exclaimed...

"I no get a cold shower!!"

I thought she got the point. Apparently not. A few days later we were back to the "old way" of doing things. So she got her second COLD shower.

So far, today has been Poopy panty free!!! And she told her daddy the same thing today that she told me ......

"I no get a COLD shower!!!"

It may seem cruel, but it is getting results and really it's not a shower...... I just use COLD water to rinse her hiney off and then wrap her up in a big fluffy towel. She is only in the water for oh.... 2 min max.

If any one has better training ideas, I would love to hear them!!!

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Mary said...

Hey! I have a friend who's having trouble with her almost 4 year old boy not going po-poo in the potty. I may have to give her your advice and see if it will work for her. She is at the end of her rope and about to give up on him ever going in the potty! Thanks for the comment, it was great to hear from you on my post!!