Thursday, April 2, 2009

Innocent Answers

We are adding some extra math lessons in with our current Singapore math, simply because we need the extra practice on basic stuff. Singapore is great about jumping quickly to word problems, but they are not as good at drilling multiplication and addition facts. ANYHOW that being said.... H was working on her new math lesson. She came to the only Word Problem on the whole lesson it said:

Jessica and Maria picked three bushels of apples on Friday afternoon and four bushels on Saturday Morning. How many bushels of apples did Jessica and Maria pick? _______

Her answer: 7
Why: they like apples

I thought is was too cute not to share. In case it has been too long since you have done school, the why answer should have been : 3+4=7. And yes I did explain to her what "Why" meant and hopefully she will remember it next time they ask.

I laughed so much I cried!! I love my sweet innocent H!! She is a beautiful young lady and an eager learner.

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