Monday, April 27, 2009

Color fun

Once again it is time for our fun Liquid Watercolor idea..... well it's not "ours" but this is our version of it. (they are on sale till tomorrow..... $1.00 a bottle!)

Gather up some water bottles. I got these at the dollar tree, they work great! (They also make great water guns and are easier on the fingers for extended hours of water fun.) Fill em up with water and then add some liquid watercolor. The first day we did this I added more color so the colors were brighter. Hang a sheet up outside, and then let them go to town!! This sheet is on it's second time to be used as a canvas, it washed out great the first time!

For those of you who are interested we have used LW to color rice and we add it to shaving cream for a fun colored activity.

This is our science project as we study stems..... we didn't use LW, we used food coloring, but the results are cool!! The one darker flower spent time in both the red and the blue. Homeschooling is SO much fun!!

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