Monday, April 27, 2009

Rainy Days

My idea of a perfect day includes rain and a good book. M & H had a perfect day today. They each had their own spots where they cuddled up and spent the afternoon reading.H's spot was on the piano bench (turned over) lined with pillows. H is reading her first sad book...... I wept while I was reading it.... I'm curious to she how she responds to the ending.M just plopped down on my bed and read an entire "Boxcar Children" book.

However, when you are five (and two)and reading isn't enjoyable yet, you must find other rainy day activities, like playing in the mud. I tried to sneak a few shots with out getting noticed, but I only got one and then the cheesy grin came in.
When E saw me with my camera, she immediately said "CHEESE". Go figure.

Hope all enjoyed this wonderful day as much as I did, even if I did several loads of laundry and had to give the girls, yet another, bath. (They got one last night after playing in the sand.... I think between the two of them there was at least a whole cup of sand in their hair.) (Oh and they have had to get baths after the watercolor days too! They just can't resist the occasional squirt at each other.)

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Angie said...

You gotta love kids who love to read! I caught Jaden reading by closet light the other night when he was supposed to be sleeping. Woo!

And playing in the mud rocks!!