Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A New Family Tradition

We love ice cream! Our favorite "treat" is to go out and get ice cream cones from places. Every trip, every family night, usually has ice cream involved some where. Some times we make a Walmart run and bring home the good stuff.
This weekend we made a fun discovery. When you buy a half gallon of Braums it is sooooo much cheaper than buying every one their own. An in all honesty it is way more fun, and I think that every family should try it at least once.

Lord thank you for "Family Fun Nights", ice cream, and six spoons. I love that we have so much fun!! Thank you for cheep, creative ways to have fun! May we always be able to find fun ways to have family nights no matter where your plans take us.


Starr said...

Oh how I miss Braums!!! Love that place! They have great biscuits and gravy, should you ever feel the need to try out their breakfast. :-)

Tressa said...

YESS!! We do the SAME thing. Its so much more fun!! Now, when we go to Dairy Queen, we cant share- we have to get our own individual chocolate dipped cones! Yummmyyy! I think we are due for an ice cream run. Also, we got some great milkshake recipes, we need to make those soon! Maybe you guys can come over and we can have milkshakes!!

AMBER said...

I love it, Becky! Our family are HUGE ice cream fans. This is a super idea and so much fun.

By the way, thanks for the encouragement and prayers. We need all the help we can get.