Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Christmas Drama

Ever since we visited the live nativity in Waxahachie, Kent has wanted to do something similar.  This was the year!  Maybe not as grand as Waxahachie, but live and powerful non the less.
Here is the whole cast..... Mary, Joesph, three angles, three shepherds, two wise men and an inn keeper.
The wise men..... with their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  (Again a package saves the day.... I made a gold bar from some metallic scrapbook paper that was sent with a team.)
The three shepherds, they were all young.... to young to ba a wise man.  Which is why there were only two, wise men that is.
Our angles..... the one on the left was Gabriel and had a lot of talking to do which is why HE couldn't be a wise man either.
The innkeeper........
Mary and Joseph.
We had three performances plus a dress rehersal.  Two of the performances were in Luo and one was in English. The drama started inside with Gabe coming to Mary and telling her she was going to have a baby, and the scene ends with Mary "running" off to go to her Aunt's house.
Scene two opened with Mary and  Joseph preparing to leave for Bethlehem. As they leave the building, the crowd follows them out side where we had torches and campfires burning.  There they see the inn keeper and find a manger to sleep in. 
The next scene is the shepherds, where once again Gabe comes and tells them the great news. The shepherds make their way to the manger, and then rush out into the crowd telling everyone that the Messiah has come!
Lastly the kings arrive bearing the gifts for the King of Kings.
When it was over the Gospel was shared and meaning of the three gifts explained. There were several salvations each night and we are already looking forward to how we can do even more next year!

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