Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hanging out at the Hometown

I am not afraid to admit that cooking in NOT on my list of things I enjoy doing.  Every once-in-a while I get a cooking bug..... but I usually stay pretty healthy.  ;)  SO Sunday lunch out is a meal I really look forward too.  We have started "going local", meaning we don't have to wait 1.5+ hours AND we can eat for less than $20 and we are usually SUPER FULL! The Hometown Inn is one of our favorite places to go!
 Snuggle Bug resting in the purple chair..... not sure what the look on her face is all about.
 Curly, trying to have a pouty face...
 The big girls in their matching brown.
Oh, Oh, Oh.... it's me!  Finally a decent picture of ME.  When I start taking pictures the girls usually want to take one of me too!


Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful! I think you're growing some pretty talented photographers!

Love Gram & Pop

David Dailey said...

My Nieces are getting too old too fast! We miss you guys and are very excited to introduce you to your cousin Caleb!

Much love

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