Thursday, February 16, 2012

Christmas Decorations

So here is where the missing months come into play..... remember one of my sweet unnamed children accidentally erased them off the camera.  ;)

Last year for Christmas we had a little fake tree and it worked well, however this year Daddy wanted a "real" tree.  So he hunted down a man who had some pine trees growing on his property, and asked if he could cut one down.   Of course no one miss an opportunity to make a little extra cash right. So Daddy comes home with a 30 foot tree (This is after he has taken off at least ten feet while at the cutting grounds!)  Then we had to trim another 15 or so feet off the top and bottom, just to get it in the house.
 I didn't have enough lights to cover the whole thing when we first brought it home, and besides that I couldn't reach up that far even if i did! 
 We later got our new entertainment center and that worked will to hold a few trinkets and the stockings.  (These were taken before Baby Girl's birthday party, those are her presents in the blue.)
 I took the extra pine branches and manged to wrap them into a wreath and wrap them with some strips of red and white fabric.  Added a red fabric bow and wha-llah!
 The girls helped me make snowflakes that we hung from the window along with some cheesy red and green tinsel.
 Now this is the AWESoMe PART!   My BFF from childhood and beyond, sent us some fun Christmas crafts in JULY with the big team..... .(Yet another plug for packages)  I saved the crafts, kept them hidden in an unused suitcase and pulled them out for our week off in November.  :)  She sent this cool foam gingerbread house.  That the two youngest put together all by themselves.
 Baby Girl colored this wooden nativity.
 Momma covered these cool blocks with the fun Christmas paper BFF sent.
 The girls made Christmas trees and snowman ornaments.

 I made this poinsettia from felt that we got the summer before.  :)

Bottle cap star..... cool! 
And for the first time in my life I strung popcorn, added to the Acholi beads it looked kinda nice.