Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bye bye beautiful tree.....

This used to be a big BEAUTIFUL tree that was in our front yard.  It was the kid's favorite climbing tree, it gave great shade, it blocked the view of our ugly dirt driveway.... it was an all around AWESOME tree.
 A huge storm blew through one night... the kind that makes Hubby and I rearrange all our bedroom furniture to keep it dry, cause the water is pouring in!  Where you spend a good hour frantically running from the bedroom to the school room, trying to mop up the water that is flowing down the walls.
 The next morning, we woke up to discover that the tree was half gone.... well at least have fallen over. The girls ran out in their PJ's to get in on last climb before dad finished it off  took the rest down.
 Look closely..... can anyone tell what kind of tree that is??  It took us 11 months to find out, and only after my mom flew all the way from the US did we make the discovery.
It it / was a ficus.  Yes, a ficus tree.... that skinny tree you keep in pots in the sun room, or you buy imitations of at Hobby Lobby.  They grow to ginormous sizes when you give them the freedom to.

Good bye beautiful tree!!!

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Anonymous said...

We love seeing you guys in all these wonderful pictures! Becky you take wonderful pictures!