Thursday, January 19, 2012

.....and we're back

So I have a confession to make.....  Sometime shortly after our vacation Curly accidentally deleted all of our pictures from the camera.  Some of them I had already transferred to the computer, but some are now gone forever!!!  This combined with the fact that I was already behind on my blogging..... well to be honest it was depressing.  really depressing.  so i avoided all things bloggy for a while.

But I am working hard to get over my anti-blogs and trying to get going again.  So for some of you dedicated readers.... you will be delighted to know that there will (hopefully) be a new post every couple of days while I get caught up on all that has happened in the last six months.  (Can you hear the loud cheer from all our grandparents??)

So to start off the blog-a-thon I thought I would post these random pictures of Lady and Bisky dining together.
 Apparently in Africa dogs aren't much of a threat to the animals here.  When we were writing our script for our Christmas play, we had a scene with the shepherds where they were joking about the days work and what would happen if the "wolves" came back to get the sheep.  Well they don't have WOLVES in Africa and nobody really knew what they were so we changed it to DOGS.  But that didn't really work well either, case the dogs here aren't a threat to the goats and chickens. Eventually we landed on LIONS, David fought and killed a lion while tending the sheep right, and everyone in Uganda knows what a lion is, even if they have never seen one.  Lion was a good choice!
 On another note.... Bisky is the strangest cat!  But then, what cat doesn't have their quirks.  He attacks my legs ALL the time. He will sit innocently until I walk past then jump out and try to grab my leg!  Crazy. He has also taken to coming in from his night time... um ..... parties by sitting in MY bedroom window and meowing until I open the window to let him in!
And as you can see.... He won't eat CAT FOOD! I mean really??  He avoids it like the plague. He would much rather have dog food especially if there is something yummy on it like left over chicken broth!

Well check back every few days and we will get caught up on the latest Ugandan happenings!

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