Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea and Curly Sue!

August means Birthdays!  SP and CS had their party at the pool this year.  Look at that AWESOME table.  What a cute tablecloth (score again for the summer teams!)  This party was a surprise... Daddy took the two birthday girls and their little sister to lunch, while big sister and I scarfed a PB&J and then headed to the pool to prepare.

The birthday girls entered..... completely surprised.  Dad had cooked up a story about needing to see the management at the hotel, to book rooms for the next team. And it worked!
If only my camera had worked as well........ This was the only other picture that I got of the whole party!  Somewhere, on a memory card in Karuma are a few shots that my friend took, but I haven't ever seen them.  OH WELL!

Funny story about the birthday party:   In June my mom (Mimi) asked Sweet Pea what she wanted for her birthday.  Pea replied that she wanted a KINDLE.  This was a very appropriate request see that she had read EVERYTHING on the shelf and then some!  Most of them she had read twice!

So when the Abilene team came, they brought the KINDLE.  My wonderful friend Adina carried it with her on the plane, and was in the process of telling me it was in her room when Pea walked up.  When she heard the word KINDLE her ears immediately perked up. I made her stay in the lobby while I went and retrieved the goods.

Later when we were driving to my house Adina commented that she hoped the CANDLEs made it OK.  Once again Pea's ears perked up and she started asking about the KINDLE.  I quickly corrected her, that our conversation was not about a KINDLE, but about a CANDLE that mommy had asked for. That put a stop to that.

Me, being the mom who lives in a third world country and wants to make each birthday last as long as possible decided it you be fun to milk the CANDLE for all it was worth.  (insert sly grin)  I looked in the Capital and found the perfect gift.... a CANDLE, that was actually labeled in big letters.... "CANDLE".  I bought it and wrapped it up.

On her birthday Pea opened up her CANDLE first..... and was quite surprised.  She was trying so hard to be grateful.... seeing her concern , I asked her.... "Isn't that what you asked Mimi for?"

She looked up and said, "Well, I asked for a KINDLE, but OK!"   I LOVE IT!   I told her, "Well maybe she misunderstood you.  I'm sorry.  Why don't you open this one."

I grabbed another package and she began to open a series of books that she wanted for the KINDLE.  (we already had one, but three readers and one kindle, does not make a great combination. :)

FINALLY the last package she opened was the real KINDLE.  Oh how we laughed and laughed when I reminded her of the conversation we had had with Adina about the CANDLE.  When Mimi heard the story we got another round of giggles and tears.!!  TOO FUN!

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