Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Can I just simply say that time flies far to quickly!  My Baby Girl turned 11 last month (yes, in December) I can still remember the night before we went to the hospital, standing in front of the Christmas tree taking the standard "I'm having a baby tomorrow - side profile - shot" and Kent teasing me that I was bigger than the tree! (In my defence....It was a small tree).
 An now here we are 11 years later, celebrating in Uganda of all places! Who would have ever guessed?!?
 B-day Girl holding her cake....  In the past, I have always enjoyed busting out the Wilton cake decorating "tool box" and mixing up  beautiful colors to adorn the cake "shape" of their choice, but since moving to Uganda.... we have had to be a little less elaborate.  BG did however come up with this cute two layered cake design, complete with sprinkles.
 She needs help "showing" her age these days.  Ten from Sugglebug + on from Curly.
 Mountain bike.... blue. That was her "big" gift this year.  We don't have side walks... but then we have NEVER had a good sidewalk for bike riding.  We are going to try and "exercise" together, she can ride while I walk. That way she can ride more than the 20 feet or so that is our driveway, and I have a walking buddy.
 Birthday Kisses!!
Her other request was "hunting" stuff.  So this is and honest to goodness African bow and arrow.  You can get them in the market and they come with 4-5 arrows. Some of the security guards use these at their jobs, when you are hiring a guard.... the price all depends on whether they carry a bow or a gun.

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