Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back Blogging

I think that back blogging should be and official cyber term.  Or maybe backblog - (v) The process of blogging about events that have long since past. 

As I sit at home on Saturday, late evening catching up on all the information that I have neglected lately, I'm in my PJ's, the house is empty and quiet, AND the Internet is cooperating!  Yippee!  I realized that the amount of blogging I might get to catch up on could possibly become overwhelming, so after post this I am going to "post date" all my blogs so that you can enjoy them over the next few days.  See I really do love you!
 Practicing out in the yard.... we had some seriously injured cereal boxes after practice!
 Snuggle Bug, up close.  I think I was trying to snap a picture of her wounded eye, but who knows.
 Mom trying her hand at archery.  It's been a LONG time since archery lessons a camp.
 Tom boy through and through.  We have some new friend here in Uganda. There are 4 kids 13-girl, 11-boy, 9-girl, 7-boy and we have to remind our Tom boy that  she needs to play with all her friends!
It may look big.... but she can handle it like a PRO.

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