Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas day was fun..... and strange at the same time. We tried really hard to get into the "Christmas" spirit, but 80 degree weather some how dampens the mood, especially after the rare white Christmas we enjoyed last year.The girls made gifts for one another. Baby Girl drew this picture of "little monkey" for her little sister Snuggle Bug. AMAZING right! She is a budding artist and has a lot of talent. (really they all do!)Curly and I make "little monkey" a bed complete with a blanket that matches SB's. Fun Story: While I was making the pillow, SB saw it and asked if it could be a pillow for LM. I told a little white Christmas lie (are those allowed?) and said that it was a pin cushion ;). For 3-4 days after she saw it she asked if LM could have it! She was super surprised when LM did get it along with a bed and a blanket.

Part of the reason this year was so fun..... we opened ALL our gifts at once. No traveling from Grandparent to Grandparent and getting gifts at each stop... it was ALL for ONE!
Every one got bikes this year. SB and Curly's are exactly the same, only different sizes. This one is SB's. We have already had some minor crashes and both the little girls have vowed to never ride again, several times..... but slowly they are getting the hang of things.

Here are Sweat Peas and Curly's bikes. SP's is a "road bike". It reminds me of the bike Mrs. Gulch rides in "The Wizard of OZ". I think that I might have to borrow SP's bike and go for a ride one day!

There were clothes galore, toys, movies, books, puzzles and games..... tons and tons of weekend entertainment! We were EXTREMELY BLESSED this year!


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