Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Journey

After frantically packing and sorting all of our earthly possessions, we finally narrowed down what we "needed" to take to Uganda. This process took 6 months and started when we first moved from our duplex in Waco. We were finally able to leave Waco on Tuesday afternoon, and head to Dallas. In our U-haul we had a total of 14 trunks, three check-in suitcases, 4 carry-on suitcases, 6 backpacks and one camera bag. That is it! Nothing more. No crate is coming with extra goodies, no containers, nothing. I had wanted to do a cute blog about how all I needed was 14 trunks.... that's all I need. And these - these 4 suitcases. 14 trunks and 4 suitcases that is all I need..... And this..... (it is from the "Jerk") However everything went so fast that barely manager to snap a picture of the U-haul once it was loaded!!

OK I am still suffering from Jet lag and I feel as though I am rambling....

Anyway, we made it to Dallas and enjoyed a night at the GREAT WOLF LODGE thanks to Gram and Pop. Tue night Honey and the kids played in the water while I spent a few precious hours with my best friend. Wed morning, I played with the kids while Honey spent some time with his best friends. It worked out perfectly!!

Wed Afternoon, we headed to the airport. Checked in ALL 18 pieces of luggage (NONE were over weight!) and then proceeded to head through security. Anyone who has traveled lately knows that there are LOTS of things that must be done in order to pass through security, one of which is to take our all lap tops and liquids. In the rush to get 4 suitcases, 6 backpacks, a camera bag, 6 pairs of shoes, ump-teen jackets and neck pillows and 4 little girls, not to mention my laptop, I forgot that we had and additional laptop in one of the suitcases......... that didn't go over well. However, they helped me get it out and re-ran my bag through the x-ray machine. They were nice and didn't even complain about the fact that I didn't take my liquids out of the bags!! GOD'S GRACE and ANSWER TO PRAYERS!!

We climbed on board the airplane and headed to London. Emma threw up, only not on me. She managed to make it into the barf-bag, so traveling was still pleasant. Later, Hannah lost her lunch as well. Emma had and excuse... I gave her medicine that made her gag.... Hannah, well I'm not sure... Neither am I sure why on the next flight Sarah threw up as well.... I guess when you are exhausted and plane sick that is the result.

We almost missed our connecting flight in London. We went to terminal B and had a snack, brushed our teeth and hair, and freshened up. After a while our flight still wasn't listed so we went to ask. It is was at that point that we were informed that we were in the wrong terminal. The BA people graciously allowed a host to take us down to the -4 level (that is four floors below ground) were we raced through the longest hallway ever. Then we went back up to the 2nd floor, through the airport, back down another elevator to ground level. They were making their "last call" for Forester when we arrived.

All of the over head bins were full, so our bags got to ride "1st class". I always thought that they had those little curtains up so that the regular people couldn't see what fun "perks" that 1st class received. Now I think it is to keep the number of empty seats a secret. NO ONE was in first class! and they don't allow you to move up either.

We finally arrived in Uganda around 10:30 pm Uganda time. We waited in a long line to pay for our visas. We picked up ALL (yes all ) of our luggage! No lost bags this time.... PTL. Then we loaded up in a van. SOME HOW...... we managed to get ALL, every last piece of our luggage in the van, and there was still room for us. Not much room, but we didn't have to ride on top!

The guest house we are staying in right now is nice. It has been cool, in the evenings. It rained the first night/morning we were here. I have no idea what time it actually rained, since we didn't get up until 12:00 PM. But it was awesome. The windows were open, and you could hear the storm in the distance, and as it moved closer the sounds were amazing! All I could think was.... "let it rain, let it rain, open the flood gates of heaven, let it rain!"

We walked to a little grocery store (once we were up and attem). Then went home and played games.

Today we went all over town, acquiring things like a cell phone, sim cards, adapters, and checking out some of the stores. They have a store here that might be compared to an OLD WAL_MART. No produce, but they had everything else under the sun. (Oh and just so you will feel sorry for me..... we were about three blocks from home when Emma threw up on me, this time it really was all over me.)

Well we have been up since 3 or 4 AM.... honey and the Kids finished a game and had cereal at that time..... and now I am feeling very sleepy!!!



Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

i remember so well those packing days, traveling with ALL your possessions and little kids, and the first few weeks in country. when i look back i feel like i was in a trance or daze or had a cloud fogging up my mind. there was just a lot to take in. PTL that you arrived safely. we'll continue to be praying.

Starr said...

Wow! What an adventure. The throw-up makes it extra memorable. :-)

Also - I love that you quoted The Jerk. One of my favs.

katrina said...

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for sharing your story. I really felt like I was there and was envisioning what the town of Gulu must look like. The boys have asked about your girls several times and tell me they miss you. (I think Ashton may have a little crush on Hannah). Blessings to you guys as you find your new place and get settled in!