Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A post from Kent

This was written for a supporter update, and I thought you all might enjoy reading about God's provision!

So we spent an early Christmas with Becky's family in Lubbock. The girls absolutely enjoyed the snow storm on Christmas Eve! Well just before lunch on that day we loaded up the car and slowly made our way to my mom's in Oklahoma. That is usually a 4 hr drive in normal conditions. Because of the ice and snow it was far from normal!! We made it to Seymour, our usual halfway stopping point, in just under 4 hours. I must tell you that Becky had continually asked if we should turn around. As we slowly pulled out of Seymour it literally looked like a war-zone...abandoned vehicles and semis littered the roads and ditches. I started at that point to also wonder if we should have turned around!! It usually takes 1.5 hrs to drive into Wichita Falls from took us 5 hrs. It was the craziest time I can remember being on the road, we inched our way around "jack-knifed semis" on two-lane roads we saw a large set of lights coming toward us. It should not surprise you to hear that a huge snow plow showed up in the middle of nowhere,and I mean nowhere, and led us practically all the way into Wichita Falls. We ate dry cereal in our hotel room (thank you Lord!) for our Christmas Eve dinner, but we were together. And we did make it to my mom's for Christmas Day lunch.

Also, wanted to catch you up on our financial situation. Whoever has been praying...please continue! Since our last update we have seen over $20,000 come into our "one-time" needs. That means we only need about $6,000 more to meet all of our projected "one-time" needs! It has been all God. I mean that. None of those finances that have come in were from our potential resources. The Lord has again reminded us He has called us into this and He is planning to provide for us. I hope to learn that once for all, but praise God He has been long-suffering with me until then. We hope to gain another 5 families for our monthly support team, so please keep praying with us.

Be Blessed!!

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