Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pass codes

YEA we finally went to the post office and put in all the paper work to get Sarah and Emma their passports. We told Sarah what we were doing, and she just couldn't get it. Every few minuets she would pipe up and ask, "Why do I need to get a pass code?" It was funny to hear her ask, and not be able to say the correct words.

The other day Emma woke up before I was ready, so she came and climbed into bed with me. After we had talked and cuddled for a while, she reached over and grabbed my face and said, "MOMMY, Look at my face." and then proceeded to tell me something important. I thought is was so funny to hear my works coming out of my two year old's mouth.


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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could record all these cute things and play it back to them when they are grown, because someday they won't believe what they said.

Love you guys......thank you so much for letting us peek (through your blog) on the girls day to day activities and funnies!

Gram & Pop