Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I did it....

Thanks to the encouragement of my wonderful friend Kristy M. I took it upon myself to cut my girls hair. YES I cut their hair. and I didn't do half bad either.

We went to Walmart and bought the best pair of scissors they had ($14.95). Before I even put them in the basket I showed them to each child and said... "You are not to cut anything with these scissors." I don't want any one getting the idea that they can cut their own hair.

Hannah was first. I trimmed off the ends, and tried to keep the layers. I need to learn how to check and make sure I trimmed all the ends and didn't miss anything. Next was Emma, actually she "went" several times. She likes getting her hair brushed in the mornings and this was no exception. I trimmed off the a tiny little bit off the back, where it got tangled all the time. now it is relatively even all the way around.
Then came Sarah. Her hair is cute, and we get more comments on that feature than anything else in the whole family! HOWEVER it is a nightmare to cut. I'm not sure I really helped it at all. I needed to clean up the frizzy ends, and I might have done that in the back..... but I'm not even sure how to cut it. All one length, layers, long back, short front??? ARGHHH, It might be worth the money to have a professional cut her hair.
Lastly was Mekala, she like her hair, and didn't want much cut off. However by the fourth head I thought I was fit for the Paul Michell Salon, so I didn't hold anything back! I came out shorter that we had planned on, but is has some cute layers and she likes it.

All in all I think that the 14.95 investment was well worth every penny. I would have spent at least $45 dollars to have the three big girls hair cut, and then I would still have to leave a tip. How I have the scissors and the confidence to do it myself. Next time it won't cost me a dime.
NOW.... If I can get brave enough to cut my hair........
Thank you Lord for the talents you have given me. Open the doors for me to use them as a blessing to others as well as a blessing to my family!


Tressa said...

I cut my kiddos hair too! Its really not that bad-- and the good thing is--if you mess up- IT WILL GROW BACK!!

Starr said...

We want pictures of the final product!