Saturday, November 1, 2008


Poor Sarah never knows what day it is. She wakes up every morning and asks, "Are we going to Nate's house to day?" (That is where they go in Tue and Thurs while we are in class). So I am making here a "days of the week calender" It is really cute, as soon as it is finished, I will post some pictures...... Anyway, Saturday has a question mark because we never know what Saturday holds. Last week we went to the "Texas Country Reporter Festival", lots of fun, but I forgot my camera, bummer.

Today was Baylor's Homecoming Parade.... it is supposed to be one of the nation's largest homecoming parades. We went last year and had a blast, in spite of the fact that they were playing Texas Tech (Get your guns UP) and all the floats depicted "roasted raiders" and the such, and decided that we would go again.

Hannah took this picture of me and Emma, not bad huh? I think she has the family talent!
We met our neighborhood friends there.... which meant there were lots of kids!! This isn't even all of them. Everyone was decked out in their "green and gold" except my three pink princesses.
What princess wouldn't want to ride in a carriage like this???

Emma has been yelling this ALL afternoon since the parade!


Leslie said...

Hey Beck! I love ur blog...wanted to let you know it Sic Em /k/ :) otherwise it would look like we were wanting to get everyone sick, when we really just want to claw em up a little ( at least i guess that's what the sic means?) Do u raiders do those cow bells? anyway, looks like fun and enjoyed the walmart story ( i avoid taking my kids to the store and i only have two!) love ya! Leslie

mideastmom said...

Proper inculturation into Waco culture. I approve. :-)

I grew up going to Homecoming parades every year, and I hate that my kids are missing it. Someday, hopefully.