Monday, November 3, 2008

Mission: Walmat

Ok I just read my friends blog about not wanting to go to the grocery store and it reminded me of MY experience from this week, and I thought I would share.

Let me begin by letting you know that for SEVERAL weeks I have been going to Walmart around 9:30 on Tues evenings after my ladies prayer group. I think I set myself up for failure by enjoying that quiet shopping experience for such an extended amount of time.

Last week we HAD to go to the store. Kent had made a milk and bread run that morning, but unless we were going to eat french toast for dinner, I had to break down and take all four of my precious children to Walmart.

We started off OK. (which is more than I can say for the last time we went to Walmart.) but as we neared the back of the store we slowly started to fall apart. Correction.... the kids started to feel more relaxed and at home, so I started to fall apart. As a habit, I always let the kids take a potty break when we get to the dairy section of the store. Today was no exception.

Mekala, lovingly took Emma in to go potty (yes we are still "training" and haven't made it over the hump yet). while I worked my way around the area getting all my needed dairy products. Today was unusual in the sense that Walmart had samples of a yogurt smoothie that was causing quite the traffic jam. This one rather angry lady almost plowed over this small elderly lady who was interested in the smoothies. Taken aback by her harsh rudeness the elderly lady came to me for comfort and justification. While listening to the sweet lady I was interrupted several times by Hannah.

First Hannah comes and tells me that Mekala needs a new diaper to put on Emma. To which I respond: I didn't bring in the bag, just put the old one back on, and we will change her when we leave.

Then Hannah quickly returns to say that Mekala has already thrown the old diaper in the trash, what should they do. To which I respond: just let her go "as is" and we will put a diaper on her in the car when we are finished.

After she delivers the message, Hannah once again returns and says: She peed on her dress while she was going potty. By this point the little lady has moved on so I go into the bathroom, and discover Emma BUTT NAKED with her crocs on.

As I begin to asses the situation and start trying to plan my attack, I look up to see the little lady standing there looking sympathetically at my two year old. The Sweet lady begins to try and help me with my plan of attack, by informing me that it is cold out side, and that she needed to have some clothes on. Then she asked me if I had any money to buy her some clothes. To which I sweetly responded, yes, that we would take care of things.

AND I did. Super Mommy style. No mother in her right mind would ever consider leaving her children unattended in the bathroom while she went out to grab some new clothes. (I would be the type to have to pay for them first, so I wouldn't feel like I was stealing.) Who knows what she would return to. As one friend creatively thought..... they all might end up running around in their birthday suits. So that option was out!

Likewise, no mother would ever parade her naked two year old through the store, nor would she be willing to walk away from the basket of groceries that she had just worked so hard for and just leave. So I did what any super mom would do........ I dried the dress under the hand dryer and let her go. She wasn't wet, she wasn't "naked", and I didn't have to leave my children unattended, and I didn't have to leave all my hard earned groceries. PROBLEM SOLVED!

Don't you all wish you could have adventures like me! This week it's back to shopping alone. ;) I must make it clear, however, that my girls are angels. I usually get frustrated that they are playing and giggling, instead of walking single file with no expression and no sudden movements. Things could be far worse. I have seen many mothers who's children are yelling, screaming, fighting or all of the above. Yes I will take giggling over fighting ANY DAY!

Lord, thank you that my girls love each other, and play well together. May they always have that special sister bond! Knit their hearts together, so that come rain or shine, they will each know that they are always loved and supported by three. (plus mom and dad)

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Anonymous said...

hilarious- you are a brilliant and wonderful mother!!! thanks for telling me that I can write anonymously!!!