Monday, October 6, 2008

the Zoo

Today was a glorious day! The big girls are in OK visiting Gram, and last night as a special treat Sarah had a friend spend the night! It was too much fun! Quick highlights of last nights events: Got in bed way later than 4 year olds should.
Had "talk time" for a while. (this lasted a lot longer that I wanted...)
Sang Jesus loves me for them hoping it would send them to dream land.... no such luck.
Got them both a drink
Then I hear these words: "Um actually, I think I would rather sleep with my mom."
SO I climbed in between the two of them and held our little guest.
Then I started praying, again a ploy to lull them to sleep. I thanked God for all the yummy fruit that he made and began listing is off one...... by ....... one...... softly...... and slowly..........
It only half worked. Our friend fell fast asleep, Sarah however informed me that I was praying too long and was waiting for me to stop. Girls will be girls...
It rained last night so it was a perfect day to go to the ZOO. It was cool and cloudy, there was NO ONE there so we had the place to ourselves. You really couldn't ask for a better day.

We had a perfectly exquisite day!! Fall is in the air....... come on cooler weather!

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