Thursday, October 30, 2008

Warning: Viewer discretion advised...

THIS BLOG CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES....... WEAK STOMACHS BEWARE! Add Image This is how my Hannah looked when I dropped her off at "school" this morning. Halfway through class we get a message from someone saying we needed to call our friend on her cell phone, Hannah had been in a bike accident. We called and discovered that Hannah had battled with her bike and lost. While on her break she, Mekala and another friend were riding their bikes, they went down a hill, and in the process Hannah hit a log. Mekala says that she saw Hannah and her bike flip, and then Hannah flipped again. Very dramatic for all involved.

In our conversation with our friend, we arranged to meet in a churches parking lot. Kent was thinking Churches Chicken and our friend was thinking big vacant church parking lot. Needless to say, it took us more time to get to her than we would have liked. We finally got to them, to pick Hannah up, and this is what we found....... beware!

The middle tooth was pushed so far back that we thought that it was missing and we sent our friend back out to the field to look for it. The other tooth that was damaged was a baby tooth already in the process of falling out, so it was easily removed and not worried about.

To "fix" the middle tooth the wonderful dentist(s) had to put LOTS of "sleepy juice" in her gums - four shots to be exact - and then they had to do a lot of pulling. Hannah was a trooper!! After the initial shock had worn off, she didn't cry at all. She squeezed my hand a few times, but that was it!! I was so grateful!! Mrs. Ruth said that she was wonderful and deserved FIVE prizes and strawberry ice cream for dinner.

After they pulled it back forward, the dentist put a "brace" on it using wire, bondo and her other big tooth to hold it in place. It is still not exactly were it should be, but it is a lot better that it was, and it can be fixed more later. We are now in a waiting process to see how it heals to know what else we can do.

Please pray that the young roots will heal quickly and fully. And that the tooth will work it's way back into place. We will keep you all updated on the healing process has we progress.

Lord, HEAL Hannah! We are asking for complete healing and restoration of all the roots. Put her tooth back in it's rightful place. Help the healing process go smoothly! May she be able to return to "Normal" quickly!


Tressa said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Poor baby! Im sure it was very dramatic!!

YES, I am praying for a complete healing and that the roots will restored!!!

Thank the Lord this was all the damage endured in this accident!!

David Dailey said...

I hope Hannah has a quick recovery! Those pictures reminded me of when I almost cut my throat on the nylon string around Trinity Church.

We'll be praying for her to have a full recovery.