Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We got the decorating bug a few weeks ago. So I got up in the attic
and pulled out all our fall stuff. In the "stuff" was this "harvest"
sign painted by Mekala several years ago. When Sarah saw it she
was sad that she didn't have one. No amount of explaining would satisfy her.
So finally I gave in and told her that soon we would get one that she could decorate.
Before I got some "fall wood" to paint we colored these awesome harvest pictures. Every one helped, only we couldn't get them to stick to the wall, so we stuck them to the entertainment center.
The following week I was able to pick up these wood things at Hobby Lobby. We thought about painting them with acrylics, but I knew that would cover up the lines and details. Our first attempt was to water color them, and it ended up being our only attempt! They turned out great!! The water color was easy to use, it was easy to clean, and it was translucent so you could see the detail lines. Plus the colors were really bright. Sarah did the Turkey, Hannah the Pumpkin and Mekala did the Harvest.
This was Emma's. She did most of it, I just added the red on the edges to "fill in". Tuesday we used the wood leaf as a pattern to make our crayon melt, sun catcher leaves.

These are the pictures of the supplies, the process and the finished product. Pictures were an after thought on this one, so there are no kids in the pictures. SORRY.
The rest of the pictures are of the other fall decorations around the house. Even if it is warm outside, at least we can pretend that it is getting cooler!

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