Friday, October 10, 2008


Speechless......... I am utterly speechless!

Let me back up and try and explain what all has happened this week.

As you all know, Kent and I are currently in the second part of our training. The cost/tuition total is $4000. (of which we only have $1655) We have been class for 6 weeks with out having paid our full tuition. The staff has been graciously giving us time to wait on the Lord. They moved the deadline back from Sept 1st to October 13th. Which is next Monday.

At the beginning of this week Kent was ready to give up. The future looked bleak and confusing. God has provided every penny that we have needed so far, why was he stopping now? What was he doing? What were we going to do if we had to wait and extra year? The questions were endless!

On Tuesday the staff, wanting to do everything possible to help us in this journey, came up with a plan that was a compromise of the two options that we thought we had. 1) train now and be on the field by summer '09. or 2) train in '09 be on he field by '10. Their option was to 3)train now be on the field by '10. So we began praying about what to do.

On Wednesday, we had some dear friends speak into our lives. They felt like we needed to be humble and open about our financial needs so that those around us could help! In all honestly we have struggled in that area, being in a constant state of "need" is extremely hard. You begin to feel like a beggar, walking around with your hands out all the time! So it is easy to start keeping all your needs to yourself . But Kent took their suggestion (that was a divine word from the Lord) and we shared our current needs that night at lifegroup. Hard, but needed. Our friends gathered around us and prayed for us. Several words were spoken, one of which was that Kent needed to let God carry him. Powerful!

On Thursday, we went to class, thinking that it very well maybe our last day in the class room. The class administrator pulled us out in the hall and told us that yesterday they received an anonymous gift of $2500 hundred dollars to cover the rest of our tuition!!

Speechless........... I was utterly speechless. I will never know why God's timing works the way that it does. We believe that God was waiting for us.... he is trying to teach us how to be humble, how to fix our eyes on him and not the storm around us. When we do that Miracles happen!!

I won't even try to explain how the rest of the morning went. God is Amazing. I want to share, it will just have to come later. Hopefully it will be a powerful to all of you as it was to us!!

Lord, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! You are so wonderfully gracious! I can't even begin to express my feelings of gratitude. All that I can do is cry at the sweetness that you are! God, I want to keep my eyes on you!! Not the miracle. Not the next "mountain". Just you!!


Tressa said...

Wow, I am speechless too. All I know is God is GOOD! And He has some amazing things in store for you guys. I'm excited!!

Anonymous said...

My sweet children, God is working in a mighty way in your lives. To God be all the Glory! It's hard to learn to let go and let God. But you're getting there. Amen!!!!

You have to believe with all your hearts, that if He called you to do His work.....He will provide.

Anonymous said...

PS...thank you for the wonderful time we had this week with the "big" girls!!!!!