Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mommy Daughter dates.

So a few months back I started taking the girls out on lunch dates. Then we started hosting teams..... the past few Fridays we have been out of town, but some where in there Sweat Pea and I managed to get in an afternoon out, squeezed into our schedule.
The idea was inspired by my friend who is a missionary in the middle east. She had read the book "8 great dates for mom's and daughters", and loved the concept.  We started a Friday lunch rotation and as soon as I got my kindle, I read the book too!

The book has some GREAT ideas, some of which are hard to accomplish in a third world country, but we are going to try to adapt the concepts to what we DO have available.
A "snap" of the menu.  Contrary to popular belief we can get some yummy food in Gulu!
My beautiful princess!!!  So like me in so many ways.... yet so different too.
Her picture of me with the bus park out the window. 
After lunch we went shopping and stopped by our favorite seamstress Florence.  This is her baby girl.  I love all the bright color fabrics.... the are great for fun skirts and projects, no so great for quilting.

Spending "one on one" time with each of my girls is a joy and privilege that I look for to re-starting once our crazy summer has come to an end.

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