Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coming up for air!

So like I can't believe that June is almost over!!!  We have had a whirl-wind of a time these last few weeks.  Hosting college teams is SOOOOOO exhausting, but it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it.  The Middle of may brought a team from Tennessee. We didn't get to see all them much, but we were able to have the daughter of their team leader stay with us for a few days, that was fun.  She even had her birthday party while she was here! 

While the TN team was still here, we got to host a team of 11 from Waco.  That was super fun and exciting!  i should clarify that by "Hosting" I mean them coming to our city, we help them get settled into their hotel, we have dinner with them at their hotel, later on we have them for dinner at our house, we help them find things and generally make ourselves available to help them in anyway needed.

TN team left, a few days later the Waco team left, the VERY NEXT DAY we got a team of 16 from College Station "Whoop"!  Before they left we had another team of 16 from Waco come.  The second Waco team is currently still here, but they leave on Sunday. 

Last weekend we went to the capital to pick up our "intern".  He was here last summer and is bringing a team of 15 (i think) over in September and they will be here for 6-7 months!  

Next month, in July we have a GINORMOUS team of 32 that is coming from Abilene!!  YEA! ( Don't tell the kids, but I am thinking about having them bring over some stuff for Christmas)  Yeah, I know it is only June, but when you live in Africa, you have to plan ahead!

BUT, Wait..... that isn't all...... we have one more final team coming over in August!  And at some point in the next 6 months we will have a travel team from our organisation come as well!

WHEWWWW!  Love it! Northern Uganda will be SOOOOOO blessed by all the teams that are coming through here this summer!!


Meldrum Fam said...

so i am reading this post goodness we don't have a bunch of people here and at the same time being jealous we don't have anyone visiting us...i think i would feel the same as you exhausted, but worth it. way to go! i am sure everyone is blessed by your expert skills at hosting and enjoying loving on your beautiful girls. big hugs.

hariette petersen said...

so glad you got to have so much wonderful uplifting company. also glad to see another post up by you. thinking of you and praying for your work.