Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busy Hands

Here is not a lot to do here in Gulu. In our free time.... so we read.  And we read.  And when we have read everything on the shelf, we go back and read them again.  Occasionally I can get the girls to work on a hand sewing project.  Sweet Pea has been "working" on this one for a while..... she finished a humming bird last summer and gave it to my mom for her birthday.

 This is Curly's first attempt at anything more than the chunky plastic squares and the huge plastic needles.  I didn't have anything for her to "sew", so I drew a flower on a scrap piece of fabric, and showed her how to "color it in" with the thread.

I think I will be sending my little "elves" to Hobby Lobby for some more supplies for the "sled" from Abilene to bring when they come!s

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Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

we do a lot of reading too! Ginny and I getting into a few crafty things too - knitting mostly. fun!