Friday, June 4, 2010


Here I go again... baiting and tempting you to come and visit. I won't go into detail on all the wonderful things that we saw.... it wouldn't be fair. Check Spelling

The welcoming committee... I don't think he was too happy about our visit though.Neither was this guy.... I would hate to have a staring contest with this guy!

Guinna Fowl..... Kent arch enemy. He, being for ever the hunter, longs to take a shot at this strange bird. It is like a quail, only bigger and he has tried to take a few out with the awesome sling shot that my dad gave him before we left, but no luck yet.

The allusive Golden Monkey. This was the first time we got to see these guys.

Babies! These little guys were two and three years old. And Elephant Family!! You don't get much more tempting than that!
This time we decided to take the boat trip up to Murchison Falls! AWESOME! This sweet nursing momma baboon, watched our every move while we ate lunch. We were waiting for out boat guide, and ate pineapple, PB sandwiches, and apples. She eventually got some of the pineapple. :)

Ok.... So these pictures that appear to be taken on the river, by me, actually were not. Kent took this same boat ride a few weeks ago, and it rained on him most of the time. He took the camera on that trip and had a hard time keeping it dry, so we opted to NOT take our camera.
BAD IDEA!!! We saw a HUGE herd of elephants 30 or so big. Missed it. We also saw a giant pack of crocodiles chasing a dead hippo as it floated down the Nile. Bummer. But Andrew took pictures, so hopefully we will have some soon.

The FALLS.... this is were the mighty Nile river come rushing into a small gap in between two rocks. Beautiful!! I have now seen it from the top and the bottom! The top is my favorite, but the bottom is pretty too! Have you called you travel agent yet?? What if I promise to make you a cake??


selahV said...

these photos are gorgeous. thanks for sharing your world. hariette petersen (we met at various events at Freddie's church).

Mary said...

This is just awesome!! Certainly better than a zoo!!