Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Secret Ingredient

Remember how expensive cereal is... we have been eating pancakes to help stretch our cereal boxes and make them last longer.  I mix up "master mix" ahead of time, and all that is needed is milk and eggs.  Easy Cheezy! There have been several mornings were the girls had breakfast duty and they made the pancakes all by themselves. The only problem is, syrup is just as expensive as cereal, so we have been trying our hand at home made.

Home made syrup is hard to make. At least is is hard to make it not watery AND taste good. We have tried SEVERAL recipes: one made the pancakes mushy, the other was thick, but gross due to all the flour I had to put in it. the third was better, but still watery....... so I came up with and alternative.

When you order pancakes from IHOP, what are they topped with??  A BIG BLOB OF BUTTER! and then what do you pour over them as soon as the butter has been evenly distributed?? Liquid sugar with maple flavoring.  What other recipe has similar ingredients of butter, sugar and flavoring??  Need a hint.. think about what we are discussing here.... panCAKES.  YEP frosting/icing.  A little butter and shortening blended with powdered sugar, add a splash of milk and a teaspoon of maple flavoring.... and TA DA  Maple Pancake Spread!

I make some last night, and today, the girls were raving about how delicious the pancakes were!  All the sweet with the maple taste, but with out the soggy effect, it was yummy!! And I don't usually like pancakes.

So when the food blog-stalkers discover my secret recipe, and you start reading about a new breakfast treat, here and there, and it eventually makes it onto the grocery store shelves, right next to the whipped honey spread, in the butter section.....  remember you read about it here first!


selahV said...

Becky, I tried it with almond flavoring (didn't have maple). I put it on frozen waffles. YUMMY! Thanks for the tip. Great idea! selahV

Jenn Speer said...

Honey butter is also good and easy....butter, powdered sugar, and honey!!! It's what we use at work. Love you!