Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baptisims.... #2

This past Sunday was our SECOND time of corporate worship... we are leaning away from using the word "church" because of the religious background of the people.  It's NOT about church, it's about a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus!! 

This was the only Sunday where both teams would be able to join us.  We had  baptisms, and 17 people, yes... SEVENTEEN people were baptized. The team helped the "church" purchase a GIANT water tank that we cut in half to make a baptistery.  It is WAY cool!!! One of the Baptize-ees was our neighbor John.  He had come with us that morning, and when he discovered that they were going to baptise people, he wanted to do it!  Kent explained that he HAD to give his live to Jesus first, so we had one of our AMAZING translators share the Gosple with him (again, Lawrence had it before) in Acholi, and he accepted Jesus.  Then he got baptised! WOW!!!!

Next week I will take my camera and have pictures for you. I want you to get a feel for what it is really.... not what it is like with 21 extra Munus (or Americans). We are really excited by ALL that God is doing here in Gulu. 

Next week I will start meeting with the girls from the pub... They want to know more of God's word... I hope to show them all the places where is talks about His love for his people.  Please be praying for me, I still feel very unprepared!!

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